Bed linen

Bed linen

  The basis of high quality life is to have a good sleep, which is easy to do if you lie in adorable bedding every night, sleep on the pillows that are ideal for you, and the blanket will be warm enough but not make you sweat.

  How to choose the right bedding for yourself, for children, for your family... It's the matter in question for everyone who has ever tried to buy a bedding set.

  Perhaps the most important thing is that bed linen should be comfortable, pleasant to touch and harmoniously fit into the interior of the room.

  When it comes to pattern, coloring or texture, everything depends on your taste and individual choice. Bedding should help you to make your home cosy, so while choosing bed linen, try to maintain a coherent interior style, pay attention to the dominant colors. Textile companies that selling bedding focus on choosing a collection to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

  The most important thing when buing bed linen is to choose the right fabric. The most suitable fabrics for bedding are made from natural fiber - cotton, flax and silk. Do you know that chintz, linen, satin, damask, flannel, jersey - all of these fabrics are cotton (it can be mixed with polyester as well) only weaved in different ways or knitted, different finely processed also? Cotton fiber fabrics are durable, conductive, alows body to breathe and the same time protects it from overheating, easy maintenance, and most importantly, they are natural and antistatic. Synthetic fiber bedding will be cheaper, but it is very electrify, so to cloth the blanket can be the same as battle with electricity and the morning can surprise you with a hair stand on end. People who have sensitive skin or who hardly sweating, infants, children should be avoided synthetic bed linen because of poor moisture absorption.

  All the natural fiber fabrics after washing always tend to shrink a little, so that after washing do not get frustrated with the unfited covers, we would advise you to buy quilt covers and fitted sheets 5-7 cm larger than you blanket or mattress dimensions.

  You can find bed linen stories as in Vilnius as in almost every city of Lithuania. There are also many online bedding stories where you can find the most diverse range of colors, fabrics and price bedding sets.

  UAB Rustile has been selling bed linen for over 14 years. We can produce custom bed linen of necessary sizes and complectation.We are engagged in both wholesale and retail trade. Having bought a bedding in our online store, you can be sure that it is Lithuanian-made product while maintaining an extremely good price and quality ratio.

  Different things are important to each family, but perhaps each family is having a wonderful memory of a long morning in the bed...