About us


   Rustile Ltd has been producing bed linen more than 14 years. In a wide range of products you will find blankets, pillows, sheets and everything else you need for your and your guest's good sleep.

   Due to a long-term performance in one field, we accumulated a lot of knowlegde and experience. From a wide range of fabrics suppliers, we have chosen the most reliable manufacturers, producing only high quality fabrics.

   Rustile Ltd produces custom bedding of various kinds for hotels, sanatoriums, holiday homes, camping sites, kindergartens and etc. We always attempt to find the best ratio of price and quality, acceptable to our client.

   Rustile Ltd co-operates with various shops and engage in wholesale and retail trade of bed linen, towels, plaid, pillows and Memory Foam products. If you can't find bed clothing of desirable size, because you purchased a pillow or blanket of non-standart size, don't worry, we will produce custom bed linen of necessary size. You won't be disappointed in variety of design as well. We can offer from floral patterns to modern or classic.

   If you have some questions about bedding or fabrics, if you need an advice - do not hesitate to contact us.




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