Frequently asked questions

What kind of bedding is the best to choose?

All bed linen are divided into synthetic (microfiber, viscose, polyester), mixed (polycotton) or natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk). Each fiberhas its own characteristics, care requirements and price of course. You can find more information about fabrics, their qualities and care instructions in category Worth To Know. The thickness of the fabric depends on the thickness of threads and density. High density fabrics made from thin yarns are the best quality. Also you should keep in mind how much money you are going to spend for your bedding, just remember that while you pay more for high quality bed linen it will serve longer and will be much more enjoyable.


What should we do that the colors of the bedding stay bright for a long?

To ensure that your bedding stay bright colors wash it only with colored laundry detergents and not at a higher temperature than indicated on the care label. One mote tip from our grandmothers how to keep colors bright - add some vinegar to laundry detergent for the first laundering. The acid stabilizes colors and they will remain bright and attractive for a long time. This hint is suitable for preserving colors of clothes as well.


It is saidthat current synthetic fibers don't give in to the natural ones, so no matter what bedding to choose. Is ir true?

Still the most suitable fabrics for bedding are natural fibers - cotton, linen, silk. But don't be afraid of synthetic fibers or small its amout in composition. However, synthetic fabrics my be less conductive to air and less absorb moisture. Therefore it is not advisable to choose such bedding for kids and for people with lot of sweating.


How to avoid cheating and not to buy synthetic fiber bedding instead of natural?

The manufacturer must indicate on the label the composition of the linen fabric, if this information is not indicated on the label, it can be suspected that the bedding is made of synthetic fibers. We also often encounter incorrect information about fabric composition on the label. Especially a lot of such sets are sold in markets and most often they are made not in Lithuania. In order to avoid fraud, choose only well-known manufacturers of bed linen or bed linen made in Lithuania. Then you can always contact the manufacturer of bed linen you bought if there are any questions or uncertainties.


How often I should change, renew my bedding?

It is said that beddings needs to be changed every three years, but the quality bed linen serves considerably longer. The most common reason for changing bed linen is the newly purchased pillow and its changed size. There is also a change in the interior, curtains. The most frequent change of bedding is dictation of desire and necessity.